48 hours

in Trabzon

First Day

It’s the best thing to start the day with a breakfast in one of the restaurants serving local cuisine of Trabzon. Thereafter you can start visiting cultural, historical and natural places at the city center.

The major addresses you can visit in the city which offers plenty alternatives;

*The Atatürk Mansion, the spectacular building where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk wrote his will in Trabzon, the city he visited for 3 times;

*The well-preserved Trabzon Castle Walls, the oldest buildings in the city;

*Gülbahar Hatun Mosque and Tomb, built by the mother of Selim the Resolute, who governed the city for 22 years;

*Zagnos Valley;

*Suleiman the Magnificent Ottoman Culture House,which was built to honor Suleiman the Magnificent’s memory who was born in 1495 in Trabzon and lived there until he was 15;

* Trabzon Muhibbi Literature Museum Library where you can find the works and belongings of writers who were born and who lived in the Black Sea region as well as literary works created about the Black Sea region;

*Trabzon Historical Museum, where you can find a rich collection of engravings, postcards and photos of Trabzon as well as newspapers and magazine published by the media in Trabzon, and thousands of historical and trade documents;

*Silk Road Museum, where you can find many works shedding light on Trabzon’s history dating back to 4000 years;

*City Museum, where you can find the government, education, sports, media, press, health, culture, art, oral and transportation history of Trabzon as well as Trabzon’s topography, architectural texture, urban texture, cultural and economic structure, traditional crafts and touristic values in 3-D;

*Trabzonspor Museum, where you can find the trophies, old uniforms, crampons and many other materials in relation to Trabzonspor history, one of the most important brand values of the city;

*Hagia Sophia Mosque;

*Orta Mahalle Houses in Akçaabat, which constitute the best examples of traditional architecture;

*Sera Lake and Boztepe, which overlooks the city, are among the most significant places you can visit on your first day in the city.

There are numerous restaurants at the city center and in Akçaabat where you can stop to have lunch and dinner which serve many local dishes.

Second Day

*On your second day in the city you can visit the Sumela Monastery -the most important cultural asset of the city included in UNESCO’s tentative heritage list built during the reign of Byzantine Emperor I. Theodosius (375-395) at the mountain foot of Karadağ overlooking the Altındere Valley in Maçka; and the Ayavarvara Monastery near Sumela Monastery dating back to 18th-19th centuries which is likely to be connected to Sumela Monastery;

*Uzungöl,  where you will be welcomed by the blue sky, snow white clouds and a very gren forest;  Karester Yaylası, located on the back side of Karester mountain lying towards Uzungöl overlooking the Solaklı Valley; Haldizen-Demirkapı Highland, which bears natural beauties including Balıklı Göl and Aygır gölü , and offers all four seasons at once to the ones who want to spend time in nature.